Difference in open source and close source Software

Open source software is used to refer to those categories of software programs whose licenses do not impose much condition. such software generally, give user freedom to use the software for any purpose, to study and modify the program (without having to pay royalties to previous developer).

Before we talk about various terms and definition to open source world, you must be clear about “two” terms which are often misunderstood. these terms are

Difference in open source and closed source Software

  1. Free software and
  2. Open source software.

Free software – Means the software is freely accessible and can be freely used, copied and distributed by all who wish to do so. and no any payments are needed to made for free software Free software is the free of cost, which can be copied and modified. But source code is not available.
Open source software is used to refer

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Open source software – We can freely used it . but it does not have free of charge. here the company constructing the business models around open source software may receive payments concerning support, further development. There are many software which full fill our need. Open source software is the software source code available and which can be copied and modified. There may not be charges payable for open source software.

Linux – Linux is the name of a popular computer operating system. It is the most famous example of free software (open source development).

Mozilla – Mozilla is another free software, it is the popular browser which help for website developer because it give you mobile view tablet and desktop.

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You can use open source software legally at low cost. and it is not qualify for security updates Open source software you usually get full version of product- not trial version.

NOTE:- You also contribute to open source software, and you are encouraged to do so. You might support other users, write documentation, file bug reports and contribute to make a plugin software. Contributing something back can do a lot to boost your self.

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